Train your biceps as much as your triceps.

So, you’re hitting the gym with goals of achieving bulging biceps and triceps, but you’re coming up short of your goals.

You’re feeling frustrated and aren’t sure how to get back on track. Well, don’t get disappointed. Instead, double down on your big guns goals with the following tips to get the arms you want.

  • Even it out. Train your biceps as much as your triceps. Believe it or not, your triceps make up the majority of the upper arm.
  • Know your moves. When you flex (bring you hand closer to your shoulder), you use your biceps as the primary mover. When you extend (move your arm back to neutral), you use your triceps. Essentially, you are using both muscle groups with your arm exercises, but depending on the movement, one is working harder than the other. Mixing up the exercise stress will help you to achieve balanced growth.
  • Stress points. Change up the stress point of your biceps exercises. Try a standing biceps curl for the mid-point of the muscle, the Scott curl for the top of the muscle and incline curls for the bottom. Training with additional stress by adjusting your position can boost growth.
  • Stress the tris. Do the same for the triceps. You want to stress the entire muscle. Most tri exercises target all three of the triceps muscles but the largest is especially worked with overhead triceps exercises.
  • Improve your grip. Don’t forget your forearms because in order to grip heavier weights, your forearms need to be strong. You can train them by gripping thick bars or doing pull ups, which are fantastic for improving your grip strength.
  • Go big. Lift heavier weights. Remember, the general rule for building muscle is putting adequate stress on your muscle fibers.
  • Be sure to rest after a hard session. Muscle fibers recover and rebuild during the resting phase, so make sure to rest the upper body a few days a week.
  • Eat. Consume additional calories whenever you are in a muscle building phase. Focus on ensuring that your protein consumption is optimal for your body weight (1.5-2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight).

Use this plan to get your arms bigger, but remember, a balanced body not only performs at its best, but looks the best, too. So, absolutely focus on your guns, but don’t forget about getting your chest, back and lower body swole, too. Balance in the gym and in life is always a good direction to follow.

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